Classic Manicure: $25
Classic Pedicure: $35

Classic Manicure & Pedicure: $50
Spa Manicure: $35
Spa Pedicure: $ 45
Spa Manicure & Pedicure: $65
Includes massage exfoliating scrub, mask, detox Epsom salt scrub finished with hot towel wrap. 
Gel Manicure w/o UV Light: $30
UV Gel Manicure: $40
Gel Pedicure: $50
Gel Pedicure & Gel Manicure: $80
Nail Polish Change: $10
Toe Polish Change: $15
Soak Off: $10


Foot Reflexology:

30 Min $35/60 Min $65
This is the application of pressure on reflex points in the feet, these points are commonly blocked from metabolic waste, lactic acid, and lack of energy, which interrupt the natural flow of lymph creating pain and discomfort. Reflexology restores the communication of the merve’s path with our organs for an overall well being.


Hand Reflexology:

30 min $30 60 min $60
Add Hot Stones: $10


Eyebrows: $25
Lip or Chin: $15
Full Face: $60
Nose Or Ears: $20
Underarms: $25
Arm:  Full: $60 Half: $30
Leg: Full: $60 Half: $30
Bikini: $45
Brazilian: $65
Back: $50


Organic CBD Oil: $10
Add French: $5
Add Paraffin: $7
Add Aromatherapy: $10
Add Hand/Feet Exfoliating Scrub: $10
Add Reflexology Foot Massage (10 mins): $15

Your Choice of:

AromaTouch, Balance, Deep Blue, Lavender, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), On Guard, Peppermint, Wild Orange.
(Oils in steam water open sinuses, treat colds, relax, unwind, improve mood, treat acne, and heal skin)